Hospital Purchasing Consultants

  • Purchasing Consulting forAccounts Payable's 
  • Purchasing Consulting & Contract Negotiators
  • Purchasing Consulting for Validate Purchase Orders
  • Purchasing Consulting to Evaluate Costs& Value 
  • Purchasing Consulting that Develops Vendors
  • Purchasing Consulting to oversee New Projects
  • Purchasing Consulting to Lease Buses & Cars
  • Purchasing Consulting to find Urgent Products
  • Purchasing Consulting that "Pay for Themselves"

Is your Hospital in the "Red"? Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting receives no payment if you do not save Money. You do not have to reach in your pocket and give us any money. We make money off of what we can save you. Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting develops highly strategic, vendor relationships that best addresses the hospitals needs. Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting accomplishes this by utilizing it broad sales and purchasing experience and combining it with a clinical background in medicine and manufacturing of goods.  As a result, Fast Nurse’s evidence-based process improves margins, cash flow, quality of care and patient satisfaction. Moreover, Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting becomes an extension of the Material’s Management Department and assists in processing purchase orders above four thousand dollars. 
​Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting provides assistance to the Director of Information Technology by negotiating prices for services and equipment required to keep up with the times. Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting negotiates services and Parts for the Plant Operations Department. Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting assists the Director of Surgery with analyzing high costs, finding comparative services or Items and assist in bringing strategic vendors in communication with Operating Room Surgeons to substitute medical supplies and equipment for lower cost items with equal quality. Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting are at the Top of the Game when it comes to Purchasing Transportation Buses and obtaining Financing with unlimited mileage. Find out more about Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting, our Services and Outcomes.

Home Health Protocol & Procedure​ Manuals

  • Organization Administration & Finance Manuals
  • Human Resources Policy Manuals 
  • Infection Control & Prevention Manuals
  • Information & Records Management Manuals
  • Emergency ManagementPlan Manuals
  • Safety and Environment Policy Manuals

​Purchasing every single Protocol & Procedure form Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) will cost a fortune. A paragraph could come out to ninety dollars. Lets face it, copying and pasting generic Protocol and Procedure Manuals from the Internet is not going to "Cut it". You cannot risk undergoing a Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) Home Health Accreditation Survey with Manuals that are not authentic or genuine. The Home Health Care Protocol and Procedure Manuals should be authored to cater and pertain to your particular Home Health Agency. 

Fast-Nurse Accreditation Consulting has authored over twenty-five protocol and Procedure Manuals by interpreting three hundred and sixty Standards of Care set forth by the Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) regarding Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Office Based Surgery Centers and Home Health Agencies. The Protocol and Procedure manuals are genuine, authentic and were authored "In-house". For that reason, Fast-Nurse Accreditation Consultants are experts when interpreting Standards of Care into Protocol and Procedures that govern an Organizations Leaders and Services.

Fast Nurse Accreditation Consultants chose the Joint Commission Standards of Care because the Joint Commission performs accreditation of Hospitals and has the highest Standards in Health Care today. Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants do not copy and paste Protocol and Procedure Manuals. Instead, Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants author the Protocol and Procedure Manuals as to ensure that every Standard of Care has been properly interpreted.

When an interpretation is in question, Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants work with the Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) in ensuring that a proper interpretation and implementation of the Standard of Care has been performed. Afterwards, Fast-Nurse evaluates the Outcomes of those Protocols and Procedures that were developed. Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants have made their Protocol and Procedure Manuals available for Home Health Agencies seeking Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) Accreditation.

Home Health Risk Management & Emergency Drills

  • Emergency Drills for Home Health Agencies 
  • Assessment of Emergency Preparedness 
  • Implementation of Emergency Plans
  • Risk Management for Fire and Explosion
  • Chemical Hazards and Safeguards
  • Disaster Plan Manuals and Safety Measures

The Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) requires Home Health Agencies to have and maintain an Emergency Preparedness Plan for Natural Disasters, Power Outages, Fires, Floods and just about any conceivable disaster. The Plan must be in writing and must anticipate the actions that are implemented in real life scenarios. In fact, the Home Health Agency Office is required to have an emergency Fire evacuation drill performed before inspection. Home Health Administrators are required to obtain information for Senior Citizen Government Health Services including Vaccinations for the Flu, Diabetic Foot Assessments, and even how to obtain Medicines during a Natural Disaster. Home Health Agencies are evne required to know where the Bus Stops are located for Emergency Evacuations. 

Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants create Emergency and Disaster Plans for Home Health Agency Accreditation by the Joint Commission ( JCAHO ). Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants assist Home Health Agency Owners with establish Protocol and Procedures that address the safe care of Staff, Patients and the Organization during an Emergency. Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants create plans for the evacuation of their patients from the community during a Natural Disaster that could lead to the Loss of Power or Care of a Patient. 

Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants perform practice drills with staff members and work closely with community organizations to ensure that adequate community services like transportation, medication and nutrition are constantly available for Patients in need. In some instances, Home Health Agencies are required to create and come in contact with other Home Health Agencies that can perform Emergency Relief for the Home Health Agency Patients during an Emergency. Furthermore, Home Health Agency Administrators are required to have Emergency Plans ready for the transfer and Care of Patients that require 24 hour skilled nursing care and/or appropriate medication administration in a timely manner. Find out more regarding Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting.

​​​​​​​​Risk Management for Healthcare

  • Hospital Risk Management Consulting
  • Office Surgery Risk Management Consulting  
  • Ambulatory Surgery Risk Management Consulting
  • Board of Medicine Risk Management Consulting
  • Home Health Agency Risk Management Consulting
  • Pain Surgery Clinics ​Risk Management Consulting
  • JCAHO Accreditation Risk Management Consulting 
  • AAAHC Accreditation Risk Management Consulting 
  • AAAHC Accreditation Risk Management Consulting 
  • Deemed Status CMS Risk Management Consulting

Fast-Nurse Risk Management Consulting has Twenty-four years of experience in the Healthcare Field and has authored over Twenty-Five Protocol and Procedure manuals for JCAHO Ambulatory Surgery Accreditation, Office Based Surgery Accreditation and JCAHO Home Health Agency Accreditation.

Fast-Nurse Risk Management Consulting assists Facility owners with authoring & developing Bylaws for the benefit of the Organization.

Fast-Nurse Risk Management Consulting can bring Your Facility "Up to Date" with Documentation, Risk Management Drills, Peer Review, Surgical Logs and More.

Fast-Nurse Risk Management Consulting gathers information about your Practice, Assesses the Potential for Risks and Implements a Quality Improvement Program to address issues and concerns regarding Patients, Practitioners, the Facility and Business Owners.

Fast-Nurse Risk Management Consulting offers quick service for updating Risk management Documents and performing Quality Improvement tasks that involve Office Based Surgery Certification or Ambulatory Surgery Accreditation Inspections. Fast-Nurse Risk Management Consulting has a Team of experienced Registered Nurses that perform teaching to Staff, Practitioners and Business Owners regarding Patient Safety, Work Flow, Redundancies, Legal Aspects and Risks for Liabilities. In addition, Fast-Nurse Risk Management Consulting proposes cost saving tactics that are aimed at reducing costs and increasing Performance. Find out more regarding Risk Management Consulting and obtaining a Complimentary Facility Inspection and Proposal of Services.


​​​​​​​​​​​Chemotherapy Retreat & Surgery Recovery

  • Cancer Retreat for Chemotherapy Treatment
  • Cancer Retreat Recovery from Surgical Procedures
  • Cancer Retreat for Chemotherapy Administration 
  • Cancer Retreat Holistic & Interventional Medicine
  • ​​​​​​​​​Cancer Retreat Meditation and Inner Engineering 
  • Cancer Retreat Recreational & Nature Activities
  • Cancer Retreat "You and a Guest".
  • Cancer Retreat Health Promotion and Activities
  • ​Cancer Retreat Coping Mechanisms and Support
  • Cancer Retreat and Palliative Care for Oncology
  • Surgery Recovery for Fixation Device Surgeries
  • Surgery Recovery for Long term recovery Processes
  • Surgery Recovery to Relax, "Hide" and get Away
  • Surgery Recovery for Plastic Surgery Recovery

The Fast-Nurse Key Largo ​​​​​​​​​Cancer Retreat & Surgery Recovery Retreat is a gorgeous, secluded "Get Away Retreat" located in the Beautiful Florida Keys. A Bohemian Island Town known for its pristine aqua sea colors that inspired the Jimmy Buffet Song "Margaritaville" and was coined the "Fishing Capital of the World". Lets face it, there are no "Gurus" at the Hospital. Unfortunately, Doctors want you to remain at the Hospital because they can receive and observe Daily Reports regarding your treatment. However, the Fast Nurse Key Largo ​​​​​​​​​Cancer Retreat and Surgery Recovery Retreat can perform those tasks while you are receiving Chemo Treatment and Recovering in the proper atmosphere, away from Nonsocomial infections and MRSA. Why Wait all day in a Hospital Bed to Receive Results when you can be in a Quiet, Tranquil Key Largo ​​​​​​​​​Cancer Retreat and Surgery Recovery Retreat near Nature and the Hospital.
Stay with us the Key Largo ​​​​​​​​​Cancer Retreat and Surgery Recovery Retreat while you receive your Chemo treatment. You and your Family may discuss your Therapeutic Regimen via Fast Nurse's Teleconferencing Video System that avoids commutes to the Doctors Office to obtain results and allows you to have a "one on one" conversation face to face on our video teleconferencing system. Professionals Fast Nurse Key Largo ​​​​​​​​​Cancer Retreat and Surgery Recovery Retreat works with your Oncologist and/or Operating Surgeon to Develop a Care Plan for Post Operative Recovery, Chemotherapy Regimens, Treatments of Adverse Affects, Administration of Pharmaceuticals, Patient & Family Teaching, Evaluation of Outcomes and for establishing Support Services and Coping Mechanisms for "Seeing things through"'.
How Dedicated are We? The Fast-Nurse ​​​​​​​​​Cancer Retreat and Surgery Recovery Retreat specializes in analyzing the five senses (sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste) and ensuring that the correct balance is present at every second of the day. Fast Nurse and all of its staff adhere to strict codes of conduct and discretion. Fast-Nurse Key Largo ​​​​​​​​​Cancer Retreat and Surgery Recovery Retreat upholds HIPPA Privacy Protocols and goes beyond duty to ensure that the privacy of each visitor to the Fast-Nurse Key Largo ​​​​​​​​​Cancer Retreat and Surgery Recovery Retreat is maintained Confidential. Find out More regarding Fast-Nurse Cancer Retreat and Amenities.



View other Accreditation consulting services

​Fast Nurse performs Risk Management and Accreditation Consulting for Office Based Surgery Centers & Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Home Health Agency Marketing Plans 

  • Create Referrals through Physicians and Clinics
  • Assess Demographics of the Community Served
  • Create Marketing Plans and Sales Strategies
  • Train Marketers on how to perform Sales
  • Prepare detailed Map of Potential Clients

Let's just face it, Nobody is going to come to your Business Door begging you to take care of them. For that reason, it is critical to create and implement a detailed and professional Marketing Plan that ensures the survival of the Home Health Agency. Whether you are a staffing Agency or provide skilled Nursing, clients will come and go. For that reason, it is imperative that a "Fresh Stream' of Clients are always going your way. Fast-Nurse breaks down selling in a step by step process that enthusiastic salespersons can follow. Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants work with salespersons to creating a referral source by zip code, and the referral prevalence. Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants help Home Health Agency's view their Strengths and Weaknesses. In addition, Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants assist sales and marketing with understanding the competition in your area. Find out more.

​​​​​​Healthcare Accreditation Consulting

  • Office Surgery  Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • Ambulatory Surgery Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • Board of Medicine  Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • Home Health Agency Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • Pain Surgery Center Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • AAAASF Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • AAAHC Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • JCAHO Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • ​DNV Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • ​HFAP Healthcare Accreditation Consulting

Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consultants assist Business Owners and Physicians with obtaining Certification for Office Based Surgery Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Home Health Agencies . Unlike other Accreditation Consulting Companies, Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting "Physically Stand Beside You" during your Inspection. Even more, Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting assist Facility Owners assist with the Purchasing of Instruments, Operating Room Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Emergency Power Sources, Bio-Medical Waste Disposal, Medical Gas Services at Group Purchasing Organization Prices. 

Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting quickly prepares Office Surgery Accreditation and may be capable of obtaining temporary authorization from the Board of Medicine to perform Level II and Level III Surgical Procedures in-office before the Board of Medicine has performed their preliminary On-Site Inspection of your office. The temporary authorization from the Board of Medicine allows you to begin performing Level II ( IV Sedation ) and Level III ( General Anesthesia ) procedures as long as you have the necessary equipment, staff and documents in place to proceed without the Board of Medicine Inspection.

Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting assist you in determining the operating rooms electrical power needs, each equipment necessary in the Operating Room for the procedures you perform and Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting helps gather the necessary documents, floor plans and Disposables to begin performing your first procedures. Find out more: regarding Fast Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting Complimentary Facility Evaluations.

contact us for a Complimentary evaluation

Fast Nurse provides Complimentary Evaluations and Pre-Inspections of your Facility and Floor Plans

Call or Email Fast Nurse now and discuss what options are available for your Business. Fast Nurse is available to assess Accounts Payable's concerns, Schedule a Free Consultation, or send you some options for Floor Plans. A Registered Nurse is standing by to provide Information. 

For Information email: or Call Us at (305) 215-5443


Home Health Agency Inspection & Surveys 

  • Register Home Health Agency with Joint Commission
  • Prepare Documentation for Joint Commission Survey
  • Accompany Business Owner during Initial Inspection
  • Assist with correcting Deficiencies by JCAHO

Preparing for a Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) Survey for Home Health Accreditation can be intimidating, confusing and time consuming. The Joint Commission is not going to write out the Protocols for you. Instead, the Joint Commission sells written "Protocols" at a substantial price. Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants do all of the "Leg work" for Business Owners seeking Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) Accreditation of their Home Health Agency. Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants prepare Corporate Documents, prepare transfer Agreements, Coordinate with other Home Health Agencies if needed, and author any missing Protocols and Procedures by interpreting the Standards of Care set forth by the Joint Commission ( JCAHO ). Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants are present on the day of Inspection and act as a Representative of the Home Health Agency. Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants supply any necessary information to the Inspectors and are available to assist with correcting any deficiencies. 

​​​Russian Child Care Center & Nursery Center

  • Russian Child Care Center by Registered Nurses
  • Russian Child Care Center for Working Parents 
  • Russian Child Care Center Infants & Preschooler
  • Russian Child Care Center for ADHD & Hyperactivity
  • Russian Child Care Center for Special Needs
  • Russian Child Care Center Outdoor Activities & Games
  • Russian Child Care Center for Feeding Tubes & Ports
  • Russian Child Care Center Scheduled Medications
  • Russian Child Care Center in a Sterile Environment
  • Russian Child Care Center with Real Time Video Care
  • Russian Child Care Center by Bachelors in Nursing 
  • Russian Child Care Center with Dietitian & Nutricionist 

The Fast-Nurse Russian Day Care provides Parents with a Russian Nursery & Child Care located near Ojus, Golden Beach & Sunny Isles Beach, Florida that features Child Life Services, Educational Activities, Field Trips, Exercises, Nourishment and other activities held to Optimal Standards and Directed by Licensed and experienced Registered Nurses and Managed by Female Educators Proficient in Russian, Kazakh, Spanish, English and French.​

Fast-Nurse Russian Child Care Center provides a Safe, Peaceful, and Professional atmosphere at the Sunny Isle's Location where Fast-Nurse Child Life Specialists and Registered Nurses provide appropriate Activities, Nourishment, Teaching and Specialized Care for those who require it. Fast-Nurse Russian Child Care Center is accustomed and skilled when communicating with children from "Abroad" or "Other Countries" that may be in a "Culture Shock"'. Fast-Nurse Russian Child Care Center understands the Social, Cultural, and Religious Influences on Child Health Promotion. When it comes to Teaching, Fast-Nurse Russian Child Care Center takes Child Care to a whole other Level. At Fast-Nurse Russian Child Care Center, the Role of Play in Child Health Promotion and Development determines the Classification, Content, Social Character and Function of Play. As a result, Russian Child Care Center activities are provided "at the correct age" to promote Sensorimotor Development, Intellectual Development, Socialization, Self-Awareness and Moral Value. The Fast-Nurse Russian Child Care Center provides care for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers for working Parents in Sunny Isles, Florida. Similarly, Fast-Nurse Special Needs Child Care Center offers medical attention and Registered Nurses for Children with Special Needs, ADHD, Hyperactivity, and Learning Disabilities. 
Fast-Nurse Russian Child Care Center has Twenty-four years of experience in the Healthcare Field and has authored over Twenty-Five Protocol and Procedure manuals by interpreting three hundred and sixty Standards of Care set forth by the Joint Commission JCAHO on Healthcare Accreditation. When it comes to Experts, "we wrote the books". Fast-Nurse Russian Child Care Center is staffed by Home Makers, Care Assistants, Child Life Specialist, Registered Nurses and an Adolescent Medicine Physician fluent in Russian, Spanish and English. Daily Nourishment, Special Diets, Medication Administration and Outdoor Activities are regularly scheduled. Special Diet plans and administration of medicines can be scheduled with the Registered Nurse. Find out more regarding Fast-Nurse Russian Child Care Center and our specialized Healthcare Skills and Services.

​​​​​Medical Equipment for Export

  • Medical Equipment Purchasing Consulting
  • Anesthesia Machines Purchasing Consulting
  • Surgery Device Purchasing Consulting
  • Emergency Power Source Purchasing Consulting
  • Medical Disposables Purchasing Consulting
  • Surgical Supplies Purchasing Consulting
  • Oncology Supplies Purchasing Consulting
  • Surgery Room Equipment Purchasing Consulting
  • Surgical Instruments Purchasing Consulting

Fast Nurse Healthcare Purchasing Consulting specializes in obtaining hard to get medical equipment and medical supplies for Hospitals outside the U.S.A. Fast Nurse Healthcare Consulting does not participate with every request for medical Equipment prices. Instead, Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consulting is knowledgeable regarding which Medical Supplies should be purchased used, and which Medical Equipment should be purchased new and/or from the manufacturer that offers a substantial Warranty and provides Maintenance and repairs to your Medical equipment if necessary. Fast Nurse Purchasing Consulting is knowledgeable about which Medical Products and Medical Supplies are available for Foreign Hospitals direct from the Manufacturer or Equipment Distributor. Purchasing Direct from an authorized Distributor or Direct from the Manufacturer ensures that your Warranty is acknowledged.

Fast Nurse Healthcare Purchasing Consulting notices that Foreign Hospitals sometimes pay up too fourteen times the cost of the exact or similar product in the U.S.A. Other companies are not qualified to sell many medical products because they have never used the item. However, Fast Nurse Healthcare Purchasing Consulting has Twenty-two years of Operating Room and Patient Care experience and skills that has allowed Fast Nurse Purchasing Consulting to be successful in substituting Medical Products without the discern of Physicians, Nurses and Staff. Find out more regarding Fast Nurse Medical Supplies for Export and Purchasing Consulting.

​​​​​​Legal Nurse Consulting

  • Surgery Malpractice Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Anesthesia Mishaps Legal Nurse Consulting
  • ALF Negligence Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Nursing Homes Abuse Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Hospitals Errors Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Standards of Care Legal Nurse Consulting 
  • Assault & Battery Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Facility Hazards Legal Nurse Consulting
  • ​Chart Review Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Medication Errors Legal Nurse Consulting 
  • Surgery Fatalities Legal Nurse Consulting

Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting Experts have experienced a Multi-Dimensional view of Healthcare by starting at the "bottom of the ladder" as Care Assistants, moving up to Scrub Techs, and eventually becoming Registered Nurse's, Administrators and Hospital Executives. With Twenty-three years of Healthcare Experience, Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting has witnessed events and scenarios that most Healthcare Workers only read about. Before Fast-Nurse's Legal Nurse Consulting Experts were Licensed as Registered Nurses, our Professionals Bathed, Fed, Dressed and viewed how the Disease Process consumes the Human Body on a Daily Basis. Watching the Disease Process in slow motion has allowed Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting to gain experience that just cannot be bought with a one month course certificate in Legal Nursing. Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting is knowledgeable regarding the correct manner of caring for a Patient on a daily basis. Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting "knows" the correct way of performing Assisted Living Activities and can Identify Negligence, Malpractice, Assault and Battery almost instantaneously. 

After Twenty-four years of experience in the Healthcare field, Fast-Nurse's Legal Nurse Consulting has seen the way things were performed in the "Old Days" and how they supposed to be performed "now". Fast Nurse is a Leader in Legal Nurse Consulting because Fast-Nurse has the ability to view and decipher information to reveal the true facts of a scenario by just viewing notes and asking questions. Moreover, Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting has Authored over Twenty-five Protocols and Procedure Manuals by Interpreting three hundred and sixty Standards of Care set forth by the Joint Commission ( JCAHO ). Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting combines 24 years of Healthcare Experience with Military experience and, thus, performs a diligent review of the facts and discloses which Protocols & Procedure were not followed. 

Next, Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting proposes the proper procedure for Caring of Patients, performing Therapeutic Treatments, Administration of Drugs and Implementation of Protocols . Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting offers a Complimentary Legal Consultation and review. Find out more regarding Fast-Nurse Legal Nurse Consulting.


Home Health Agency Hiring & Training 

  • Create Job Descriptions and Job Postings
  • Evaluate Resumes and Perform Interviews
  • Perform Employee Training & Orientation
  • Direct Skilled Nursing Services and Treatments

Finding the right employees to represent your business is not easy. You get what you pay for when you place free listings on Craig's List to find employees. Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants create Job Postings that catch the attention of candidates that are suitable for positions like Administrator, Director of Nursing and Registered Nurses. So much can be known by just looking at a resume. Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants assist Home Health Agency Owners with assessing Resumes for the proper candidate, performing Interviews, and training employees for new positions in the Home Health field. Fast-Nurse is available to assess your plans for a future Home Health Agency or an existing one. Find out more regarding Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting. 

​​​​​​​International Healthcare JCI Accreditation

  • Hospital JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • Ambulatory JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • Home Health JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • Laboratory JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • Pharmacy JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • Urgent Clinic JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • Foreign Hospital JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • Cosmetic Surgery JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • Eye Surgery Center JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • Oncology Center JCI Accreditation Consulting
  • GI Center JCI Accreditation Consulting

For International Hospitals "outside the USA" to be Competitive, Reduce Liability, Increase Profits and Reduce Injuries to patients, it is critical that an International Hospital seek JCI Accreditation Consulting and implement Protocols and Procedures that adhere to the highest Standards of Care when compared to the most prestigious Hospitals in the United States. Imagine all the extra business you can receive and all of the Patient's that may travel to your Hospital after hearing your Hospital has obtained JCI Accreditation and is held to same Standards of Care that JCAHO Accreditation Hospitals in the United States are accountable too. Fast Nurse JCI Accreditation Consulting prepares your Hospital for Joint Commission JCI Accreditation by guiding each Hospital Department Director and Manager through the process of performing day to day operations with in a manner that creates accountability and promotes smooth integration of evidence-based processes contained in the JCI Protocols and Procedure manuals that Guide Leaders, Practitioners and staff through delivery optimal healthcare services. Fast Nurse JCI Accreditation Consulting performs teaching of staff in every aspect of Healthcare from caring for Patients to Leadership Responsibilities.

Fast Nurse JCI Accreditation Consulting is Proficient in many languages and features a Business Model that has been Reproduced continuously with consistent Successful Results. Fast Nurse JCI Accreditation Consulting interprets Standards of Care into Protocol and Procedures that are then implemented and further evaluated for Outcomes. Fast Nurse JCI Accreditation Consulting works in Association with Joint Commission Specialist to facilitate the JCI Accreditation and Teaching Process involved for JCI Hospital Accreditation. 


​​Phone (305) 215-5443

​Healthcare Resources & Information

  • Healthcare Accreditation Consulting
  • Surgery Center Documents Accreditation Consulting
  • Protocol & Procedure Accreditation Consulting
  • Emergency Power System Accreditation Consulting
  • Deemed Status Accreditation Consulting
  • HVAC System Accreditation Consulting
  • ​NFPA Code Accreditation Consulting
  • Links to Important Resources for Healthcare
  • Ambulatory Surgery Accreditation Consulting
  • Office Based Surgery Accreditation Consulting

Fast Nurse Accreditation Consulting provide Resources, Links and Information for Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Administrators, Physicians, Registered Nurses and Business Owners regarding Ambulatory Surgery Center Construction and Healthcare Accreditation. to facilitate the Design, Construction, Certification and obtaining an Emergency Power Source for your Office Based Surgery Center or Ambulatory Surgery Center. Fast Nurse Resources and Information Page provides valuable links to sources of information regarding submission of Ambulatory Surgery Center Construction Plans to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ( CMS ) for obtaining a "Deemed Status". Fast Nurse Resources and Information Page provides Protocol and Procedure Manuals for Home Health Accreditation, Ambulatory Surgery Accreditation and Office Surgery Accreditation. Fast Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting is available to answer questions and provide information regarding most types of Healthcare Practices. Fast Nurse Accreditation Consulting makes available Protocols and Procedures for implementing Standards of Care throughout your Healthcare Facility. Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting is knowledgeable in the most important issues regarding Healthcare Costs, Liability, Patient Safety and Increasing Profits while reducing Costs. View some of Fast Nurse's Resources and Information regarding Office Based Surgery Accreditation Consultation and Ambulatory Surgery Center JCAHO Accreditation Consultation, AAAHC Accreditation Consultation, AAAASF Accreditation Consulting or the Board of Medicine Accreditation Consulting. In addition, View details about how Fast Nurse Accreditation Consulting Experts have performed for other facilities and where we place emphasis.

Surgery Center Design & Floor Plans

  • Floor Plans and CAD Accreditation Consulting
  • Construction Requirements Accreditation Consulting
  • Emergency Power Sources Accreditation Consulting
  • NFPA Requirements Accreditation Consulting
  • Document & Submit Plans Accreditation Consulting
  • Life Safety Rules Accreditation Consulting
  • Critical Area Rules Accreditation Consulting
  • Medicare CMS Rules Accreditation Consulting
  • Estimating Project Costs Accreditation Consulting
  • Operating Room Design Accreditation Consulting

Fast-Nurse Accreditation Consulting prepares Healthcare Facilities for Office Surgery Center Accreditation by the Joint Commission JCAHO, AAAASF, AAAHC and the State Board of Medicine. Fast-Nurse Accreditation Consulting is available to assist Healthcare Facility Owners with choosing a location, Creating Floor plans, Directing construction Contractors, Determining Electrical Requirements for Operating Rooms, Submission of Construction Plans to Centers of Medicare and Medicaid ( CMS ), Purchasing of Backup Power, Creation of Protocol and Procedure Manuals and Much more. Fast-Nurse Accreditation Consulting creates Floor Plans that are unrivaled. Fast-Nurse Accreditation Consulting creates optimal Floor Plans because Fast Nurse Accreditation Consulting has Twenty-five years of clinical experience working Hands-on in an Ambulatory Surgery Center, Office Based Surgery Centers and Hospital settings. Fast-Nurse Accreditation Consulting views your current layout and ideas and expands on it with detail taking consideration for the Physical Plant Requirements for Ambulatory Surgery Centers by Joint Commission JCAHO Accreditation, NFPA Type 1 Systems, and CMS Deemed Status Accreditation. Fast-Nurse Accreditation Consulting offers quick and affordable solutions for Designing, Constructing and Managing the Healthcare Facility you dream about. Find out more regarding Fast-Nurse Accreditation Consulting services for Office Surgery Centers.

​​​​​​​​​​Anesthesia Services & Nurse Staffing 

  • IV Sedation Surgery Anesthesia Services staffing
  • General Surgery Anesthesia Services staffing
  • Level II Surgery Anesthesia Services staffing
  • Level III Surgery Anesthesia Services staffing
  • Office Surgery Anesthesia Services staffing
  • Ambulatory Surgery Anesthesia Services staffing
  • Urgent Care Surgery Anesthesia Services staffing
  • Outpatient Surgery Anesthesia Services staffing
  • ​Hospital Surgery Anesthesia Services staffing
  • Recovery Room Registered Nurse staffing
  • Surgery Circulators Registered Nurse staffing
  • Sclerotherapy Registered Nurse staffing
  • Phlebotomy & IV Registered Nurse staffing
  • Post-Op Home Visiting Registered Nurse staffing

Fast-Nurse Anesthesia Services and Registered Nurses Provide Staffing for Level II (I.V. Sedation) and Level III (General Anesthesia) for Office Surgery Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Hospitals and Not-for-Profit Organizations. In addition, Fast-Nurse Licensed Healthcare Workers provide Recovery Room Registered Nurse Staffing, Surgery Circulator Registered Nurse Staffing, Home Post-Op Registered Nurse Staffing and Registered Nurses that administer IV Sedation for Level II Surgical Procedures. 

Fast-Nurse Anesthesia Services and Registered Nurses offers a two hour minimum requirement for staffing and does not involve any contracts. In Florida, Registered Nurses are permitted to Administer IV Sedation (Level II) Anesthesia under the supervision of the Operating Room Surgeon. According to rule 64B8-9.009 Standard of Care for Office Surgery. The surgeon must be assisted by a qualified anesthesia provider as follows: An Anesthesiologist, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesist, or Physician Assistant qualified as set forth in subparagraph 64B8-30.012(2)(b)6., F.A.C., or a registered nurse may be utilized to assist with the anesthesia, if the surgeon is ACLS certified. See Rule 64B8-9.009(4), F.A.C. for more information. In addition, Fast Nurse Anesthesia Services and Registered Nurses provides Skilled Registered Nurse's for visiting Patients in their home or recovery location to perform Wound Care, IV Therapy, Labwork, Teaching and over Night stay with Patients recovering from Cosmetic Surgery Procedures.

In addition, Florida Law requires patients in the Recovery Room to be discharged by a Registered Nurse or Independent Licensed Practitioners. Licensed Health Care providers are required to monitor the recovery of a patient who has been given anesthesia. A physician, osteopathic physician, physician assistant (PA), or a licensed registered nurse (RN) with post-anesthesia training and experience must be available.  You may also see Rule 64B8-9.009(4)(b)4., F.A.C. for Level II office surgery and see Rule 64B8-9.009(6)(b)4., F.A.C. for Level III office surgery. Also, at least two monitors should be in the recovery room, one of which must be certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support ( ACLS ).  You may also see Rule 64B8-9.009(2)(h)1., F.A.C. for more information. Find out more Regarding Fast Nurse Independent Healthcare Providers.

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Home Health Documentation Requirements

  • Register for Articles of Corporation
  • Obtain an Employer Identification Number 
  • Ensure proper Zoning and Property Leasing
  • Apply for Accreditation by Joint Commission
  • Obtain Liability Insurance and Bank Accounts
  • Creation of Business Websites & SEO Optimization

Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants are Business Experts that urge you not to "waste your money" by hiring an Accountant to open up a business! Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants can have your Corporation or Limited Liability Company open in 15 minutes. Forget that Old "Black Book" from the 1980's, allow Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants to register your company, obtain your Tax Payer Identification Number, Protect your Business name, Purchase an Obtain an Occupational License, Assist with opening up your Business Bank Checking Account, obtain a Sales Tax Exemption, Review your Zoning before a Lease is signed and much more. 

In less than an hour, Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants can obtain all of the necessary Documentation to Legally "Put You In Business" in the United States. Fast-Nurse Purchasing Consultants are experts in establishing Vendor Accounts with Medical Supply Companies and ensuring prices approximately seventy-five percent less than present purchasing prices. 

Moreover, Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants assist Business Owners with creating "Catchy Names" and obtaining the best Domain name for the Home Health Agency Website. Therefore, Home Health Agency Owners can begin using a professional email address for responding to customer inquiries and other business correspondence.


In addition, Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation services assist Business Owners with preparation for Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) inspections and registering for the Joint Commission Accreditation Certification. Preparing for the Joint Commission ( JCAHO ) Home Health Inspection can be "Nerve Reckoning", Fast-Nurse can perform the Home Health Accreditation Process in approximately two to three months. In addition, Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants assist Home Care Agencies with preparation for a "Deemed Status" Certification, which allows for reimbursement from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid ( CMS ). Find out more regarding Fast Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting services.

Emergency Power System for Healthcare 

  • Emergency Power System for Office Surgery Centers
  • Emergency Power System for Plastic Surgery Centers
  • Emergency Power System for Ambulatory Surgery
  • Emergency Power System for Medical Equipment
  • Emergency Power System for Clinics
  • Emergency Power System Operating Rooms
  • Emergency Power System for Life Safety
  • Emergency Power System for Critical Areas
  • Emergency Power System for HVAC Systems
  • Emergency Power System for Pain Surgery Centers
  • Emergency Power System for Oxygen concentrators
  • Emergency Power System for E.M.S. Trucks

The Geneforce Emergency Power System is a "Gas-Free", Solar Rechargeable Indoor Generator perfect for Office Buildings and locations where gas is prohibited or not practical. The Geneforce Emergency Power System does not rely on gas and, thus is safe for indoors. Plug equipment directly into the Geneforce Emergency Power System outlets. Next plug the Geneforce Emergency Power System into any wall outlet. When a power failure occurs, the Geneforce will automatically provide power to your equipment. When the power is restored, the Geneforce Emergency Power System will automatically resume charging. The Geneforce Emergency Power System arrives fully charged and ready to work. The Geneforce Emergency Power System does not require Maintenance, Installation nor Permits. The Geneforce Emergency Power System Meets requirements for NFPA Type I Essential Electrical Systems for Ambulatory Surgical Center Accreditation as defined by NFPA 99-111 .

Do not be fooled by Imitations. The smallest Geneforce Emergency Power System provides the Two Hour minimum Backup Power requirement for Operating Room Emergency Power Systems. When a Power Failure occurs, the Operating Surgeon has sufficient time to complete a procedure, obtain Optimal Results, and avoid "Bringing Back the patient" for another day of Unnecessary Anesthesia, Anesthesia Provider Fee's and Staff required to Circulate, Scrub and Recover a patient. The Geneforce Emergency Power System gives you "Peace of Mind". Fast-Nurse's Team of O.R. Registered Nurses are Risk Management Consulting experts and avoid any possible litigation by following Accreditation Requirements to their fullest interpretation. 


home Health Agency accreditation consulting

Fast-Nurse assists Home Health Agencies with preparation for the Joint Commission (JCAHO) Accreditation

Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consultants are licensed Health Care Providers and Accreditation Experts that assist Home Health Agency Owners with the "Start-up" and Accreditation of Home Health Agencies. Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting has authored over twenty-five Protocol & Procedure Manuals by Interpreting three hundred and sixty Standards of Care set forth by the Joint Commission JCAHO regarding Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Home Health Care Agencies. Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting is familiar with the required Documentation, Leadership, Personnel and with the On-Site Inspections or Early Surveys provided by the Joint Commission JCAHO. Joining a Home Health Franchise means you have to give a percentage of your profits to another corporation. Things are tough enough, be your own Boss. Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting provides Home Health Agency Owners with the tools necessary to be a sole proprietor and a successful organization that helps the community and makes a profit for the Home Health Agency Owner.

Whether you are opening a new Home Health Agency or need to update your records, Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting assists Home Health Agency Owners with creating the protocol and Procedure Manuals that are required for Joint Commission JCAHO Accreditation and by State Regulatory Agencies that supervise Medicare and Medicaid payment and provider requirements. Starting a Home Health Agency from scratch involves plenty or detailed paperwork. Any missing documents on the day of inspection will most probably cause the Home Health Agency to fail the Joint Commission JCAHO Home Health Accreditation inspection and leave the Home Health Agency Status as "pending" until corrections are made. Fast-Nurse Healthcare Accreditation Consulting creates and performs drills for a Home Health Agencies Emergency Management Plans. Also, Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting assists Home Health Agency Business Owners with reviewing Resumes and the Hiring of Homemakers, Companions and Skilled Nurses for Home Health Care. In addition, Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consultants perform Training and Teaching of Home Health Agency employees or subcontractors. Moreover, Fast-Nurse performs teaching for new Administrators and Marketing employees. Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting assists Business Owners with developing Human Resource Policies, Infection Control and Prevention Policies, Information and Records Management, Administrative and Finance Policies, Performance Improvement plans and Safety Policies. 

Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting offers Home Health Agency Owners quick solutions for "Starting-Up" their first Business. Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting is knowledgeable with the proper documentation and requirements for the opening of a Home Health Agency in most communities. Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting assists Home Health Agency Business Owners with registering their business with the State and obtaining Articles of Corporation, Employer Identification Numbers, Fictitious Names, Occupational License, Leasing of a property with the proper Zoning Requirements for Home Health Agencies, purchasing of Insurance Liability Insurance, obtaining a Sales and Reuse Tax Certificate and more. Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting creates Business Plans, Operating Agreements,  and assist Home Health Agency Owners and marketing Employees with creating a "fool proof" Marketing Plan that ensures continuous admission of patients and individuals seeking a Home Companion. Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting assists Home Health Agency Owners with obtaining a "Deemed Status" CMS Accreditation that is provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid CMS. The "Deemed Status" Certifications allows Home Health Agencies to accept, care for, and be reimbursed for Home Health Care and Skilled Nursing that was performed to patients that have Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Find out more regarding Fast-Nurse Home Health Accreditation Consulting.

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